Water Usage Billing & Meter Info

Water Usage Billing: Note: All rates and fees are subject to change

Water Usage Charge as of 7/1/21: $2.60 per 1,000 gallons

Monthly Service Charges:

Meter Size Monthly Charge
3/4 inch $3.00
1 inch $4.25
1.5 inch $7.35

The service charge covers the cost of invoice processing, and amortizes the cost of eventual meter replacement. Meters remain the property of the Rafter J Improvement and Service District.

Water Meter-related Noise Issues:

The Rafter J Office has received numerous reports of excessive noise related to the water meters. The noise is reported to be particularly loud when high water usage is occurring such as when a sprinkling system is in use.

The District has determined that, while the noise originates from within the meter, the noise is amplified by the nature of how the meter has been connected to the structure’s piping and how that piping is connected to the structure.

Several methods of addressing the noise issue were investigated by the District. The District determined that replacing the 3/4-inch meter with a 1-inch meter, while one of the more expensive options, had the greatest probability of resolving the noise issue due to the slower water velocity for a given flow. Notification was sent to all owners in Rafter J offering a special pricing opportunity to change over to a 1-inch meter. Thirty three applications were received.

Anyone wishing to change out their 3/4-inch meter for a 1-inch meter should contact the Rafter J Office.