ISD Board of Directors Election Information

About the Board:

The Board of Directors consists of three directors, each of whom is elected for a four-year term. The balloting is handled like absentee ballots in that ballots are mailed to eligible voters (see below) based on the most recently available qualified electors list and assessors list provided by Teton County. Completed ballots must be submitted to the Rafter J Office no later than 5:00 p.m. on the date of the election. Each submitted ballot must be enclosed in a properly endorsed official absentee ballot envelope. Ballots will be sent to all Qualified Electors residing in the District and to ONLY those landowners who have provided the Rafter J Office with a completed Landowner’s Affidavit as described further below.

Election Schedule:

The election for Director is held on the first Tuesday following the third Monday in March of each year.

Voter and Director Qualifications:

Basically, any person who is an elector residing in the District or any person owning land within the District is eligible to cast a ballot for a Director or to be a candidate for Director.

Individuals desiring to run for the position of ISD Director must submit an Application for Election not more than ninety (90) days and not less than seventy (70) days before the election.


Persons eligible to vote in a Director’s election due to owning land within the District but are otherwise not qualified electors in the District are required to file a notarized Landowner’s Affidavit with the District for their ballot to be accepted. The signature on the ballot envelope must match the name that appears on the affidavit the ISD has on file for the ballot to be accepted. Affidavits only need to be filed one time, not for each annual election. However, if the land is owned by a partnership or corporation that has changed officers, an updated affidavit may need to be filed. The completed affidavit may be submitted by enclosing it in the same envelope as the ballot. Landowner ballots will be sent to ONLY those landowners who have previously submitted a completed notarized Landowner’s Affidavit to the Rafter J Office. Ballots will be provided to any landowner who submits a Landowner’s Affidavit after the initial mailing of ballots and before the ballot submission deadline.

The Elector’s Affidavit is used to allow a qualified elector who, for some reason, was not sent a ballot and wishes to cast a vote. It must be notarized and submitted to the Rafter J Office to receive the ballot.

Persons needing a replacement ballot must submit to the Rafter J Office a notarized Replacement Ballot Affidavit to receive another ballot.