ISD Assessments


A historical summary of Assessments can be reviewed HERE.  The following summarizes the assessments presently in effect:

Special Assessments:

At present, there are no specific plans for future special assessments. In the event that an additional special assessment is needed, the Rafter J Improvement and Service District (ISD) would follow the process established by Wyoming statute, including public hearings, to approve any further special assessments against property within the Rafter J Ranch subdivision.

Annual Assessments:

An Annual Assessment for FY 2022-2023 is $744.28 per single family/commercial lot, $719.29 for Walden Pond/King Eider, End of Trails, Cedarwoods, NE 40, and SE 40 townhomes. There will probably be an Annual Assessment every year for the foreseeable future although the amount for each year will be reassessed as part of the annual ISD Budget Approval process.