Chip Seal Schedule – July 15, 2014

Please find the chip seal schedule:

Both lanes will be closed on the side roads long enough to lay the oil and then the chips.  Once the chips are laid, homeowners may drive over the chips.

Chip Seal:  What to Expect – Do’s and Don’ts

Tentative Fog Seal schedule:

As a note, if enough chips were removed for the distributor to shoot the fog seal on 7/25/14, we could shoot a load that day.  If Rowen Sweeping were to complete all sweeping by Friday, July 25th, we could possibly arrange to complete fog seal by Saturday, July 26th.  Without a firm date of Rowen starting on July 23rd (which is a tentative date), it is hard to determine the feasibility of this option.  This is why we have planned for the sure thing of the 1st and 2nd, of August, as Friday’s and Saturday’s are the only days remaining open in Idaho Asphalt Supply’s spreader schedule.  If the fog seal is not able to be completed on August 2nd, then they would be back on Friday, August 8th to complete.


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