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ISD Chip Seal Update – August 1, 2014

Dear Homeowners,

The fog seal application will take place Saturday, August 2nd. Evans Construction is hopeful they will complete the project in one day. Please plan on a 30 minute delay once the fog seal is placed over the chips.

The bike paths will be swept next week.

Thank you for your patience throughout this project!

ISD Chip Seal Update – July 23, 2014

Dear Homeowners,

Evans Construction is almost back on schedule.  They will finish the chip seal portion of the project tomorrow.  A crew will start picking up the excess chips tomorrow and work through the weekend.  There will be no traffic delay with the sweeper.

Fog Seal is still schedule for August 1st and 2nd.  Plan on a 30 minute delay once the fog seal is placed over the chips.

As noted on the “What to Expect – Do’s and Don’ts”, there will be an overspray of oil that may end up on your property.  Continue to water and mow your lawn as the oil will not kill your grass.  It will take a couple weeks, but your lawn will go back to normal.

ISD Chip Seal Update – July 22, 2014

Dear Homeowners,

With the rain Monday afternoon and mechanical problems today, Evans Construction is behind schedule. They are running a day behind the current schedule.

Please do not park any vehicles on the road and be sure your vehicle fits all the way in your driveway.

Please turn off your sprinkler system the night before and during the day if chip sealing is taken place on your road.

Thank you!!

Chip Seal Schedule – July 15, 2014

Please find the chip seal schedule:

Both lanes will be closed on the side roads long enough to lay the oil and then the chips.  Once the chips are laid, homeowners may drive over the chips.

Chip Seal:  What to Expect – Do’s and Don’ts

Tentative Fog Seal schedule:

As a note, if enough chips were removed for the distributor to shoot the fog seal on 7/25/14, we could shoot a load that day.  If Rowen Sweeping were to complete all sweeping by Friday, July 25th, we could possibly arrange to complete fog seal by Saturday, July 26th.  Without a firm date of Rowen starting on July 23rd (which is a tentative date), it is hard to determine the feasibility of this option.  This is why we have planned for the sure thing of the 1st and 2nd, of August, as Friday’s and Saturday’s are the only days remaining open in Idaho Asphalt Supply’s spreader schedule.  If the fog seal is not able to be completed on August 2nd, then they would be back on Friday, August 8th to complete.


ISD Chip Seal Update – July 10, 2014

Hunt Construction finished crack sealing the roads yesterday.  Evans Construction is currently patching bad spots in the road. The chip seal project will start the week of July 21st.  We will be meeting with Evans early next week to get a tentative schedule.   We will post notices at all mailbox locations and update the website as soon as the office receives updates.